About Pole Energy

Pole Energy was established in 2006. Our goal was to provide people with a 'whole body’ approach to fitness and health. We wanted to find and fix the cause not just treat the symptoms.

We started by opening the very first Pole Dance Academy in Stockport teaching, what was then, a brand new type of exercise that not only improved fitness levels but was really good fun. Since then we have continued to expand and improve the range of classes we teach. We now provide a whole range of classes including pole dance, aerial hoop, trapeze and silks, Stretch and flexibility, HIT and many more. The main difference between Pole Energy classes and others is that they are all individually planned to improve fitness, flexibility, strength and tone aswell as making sure fun is the name of the game.
All our Fitness Instructors are Central YMCA and NCFE trained and qualified.

Next we introduced the Diet Remedy, our revolutionary programme that sets people free from the unhealthy diet / binge / guilt relationship they have with food. Diets do not work and once our clients stop dieting, eat properly and forget counting calories and weighing food they get the results they want! I know this is hard to believe when you might have spent a lifetime thinking the opposite is true but our clients will tell you themselves - In the easy steps we provide our clients start seeing food and nutrition as they really are and learn how to live their lives diet free once and for all whilst still achieving their optimum weight.
All of our Nutritionists are AfN qualified and certified.

To complete the whole body approach to wellness we then launched our Massage Therapy division. Our Qualified Sports Massage Therapists utilise their extensive experience, skills and dedication to deliver massage therapy services of the highest quality. Despite what some people may think Sports Massages are not just for athletes - it is a massage treatment appropriate to all. Sports massage is a form of deep soft tissue mobilisation. It helps relieve muscular tension, break down adhesion's, mobilise soft tissues and reduce pain. It also provides general relaxation of the muscular skeletal system as well as being directed towards any problem areas.
Our Massage Therapists are Level 3 Active IQ qualified and certified Therapists.

Using these three elements - Exercise - Diet - Massage-really does work.

Our clients, who are people of all ages, gender and fitness levels, constantly report back the fantastic improvements they have experienced in their body structure, tone and fitness levels and more importantly their sense of wellbeing.

The best investment you can ever make is in You so moving forward we will continue researching and developing our programmes to ensure we provide everything you need to achieve fitness, health and wellbeing for life.

We have full Public Liability Insurance for all our activities.

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