Let's start with the truth...

Everywhere you look these days there is only one message - "food is your enemy and must be avoided at all costs!"

Eating is no longer the pleasure it should be but rather a dangerous pursuit involving the need to weigh, measure or analyse every morsel before it gets within an inch of your lips!

I know you will find this very difficult to believe but all of this is false. Not only that but it is actually the main cause of your weight gain and other problems you might be experiencing.

Diet & Nutrition
Diet & Nutrition

We all need Fuel

If I came to you and said “my car won’t start but I haven’t put any petrol in it “ you would immediately say “well of course it won’t work – it needs petrol to make the motor run.”

You would also think I was a bit stupid because nobody would expect their car to run if they didn’t put petrol in it would they? Yet that is exactly what you expect when you don’t give your body fuel (calories/food). The truth is by living your life on a diet and restricting your calorie intake you are causing all sorts of problems to almost every internal process within your bodies internal systems. Your body cannot survive properly without nutrients so everything will be suffering.

The good news is that once you choose to stop dieting and start to eat good nutritious food your weight will start to rebalance, your whole body will feel rejuvenated and even better your cravings for unhealthy food choices will literally disappear.


And so The Diet Remedy was born

All of our years of research have now been combined into The Diet Remedy which is our mission to educate everyone that DIETS DO NOT WORK and are actually one of the main reasons for your weight gain.

The Diet Remedy will provide you with all the information you need to remove the blinkers and discover that you can only start to live a happy and healthy life once you start eating properly and give your body the fuel it needs.

We understand that The Diet Remedy will be a big change for a lot of people. It takes a leap of faith to throw away everything you have ever thought about food and try something new. This is why we have set up a powerful support system to help you on your journey.

Diet & Nutrition